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CoreCivic's Nevada Southern Detention Center is currently seeking a Chief of Security who has a passion for providing the highest quality care in an institutional, secure setting. Come join a team that is dedicated to making an impact for the people and communities we serve.

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CoreCivic is a Drug-Free Workplace and EOE – including Disability/Veteran

For questions regarding Facility Management Career positions, you may also contact FMSP@corecivic.com.


Posted December 8, 2023

Period of performance: The period of performance for this contract is twelve (12) months from the date of award with four (4) optional one-year extensions.

In Honduras, INL supports comprehensive programming with the goal of increasing the government’s institutional capacity to counter domestic and transnational crime, reduce the flow of illicit narcotics, and improve citizen security. INL also seeks to build the capacity of the justice sector of Honduras to provide accountability, protect the rights of citizens, and promote the rule of law. INL programs provide training, technical support, and mentoring to justice sector officials to effectively manage, investigate, and prosecute complex crimes. INL also supports civil society efforts to increase access to justice for the citizens of Honduras, particularly vulnerable populations.

The purpose of the Personal Services Contract is to support the coordination of INL/Honduras’ corrections activities under the Justice Sector framework. The Justice Sector Advisor - Corrections (JSA-C) position will support, assist, and advise INL on the development, implementation, and oversight of corrections programming including contracts, grants, interagency agreements (IAAs), and letters of agreement. The Justice Sector Advisor – Corrections will liaise with host government, multilateral, and interagency, and civil society partners to create, socialize, and implement a corrections program. The Justice Sector Advisor - Corrections will advise on issues and developments in Honduran rule of law and corrections through regular consultations with host country counterparts/interlocutors and provide subject matter expertise on corrections. The JSA-C will prepare regular reports for INL including drafting sections of various information requests, weekly and other reports, cables, and briefings. The incumbent will have complementary roles as a program manager and subject-matter advisor.

The Justice Sector Advisor - Corrections will coordinate programs with Honduran government entities, international organizations and civil society, interagency partners working on justice sector activities on behalf of the U.S. Embassy (most notably USAID) and other INL offices in the region, and other advisors and/or contractors working for INL programs in Honduras.

Posted December 1, 2023

This position includes administrative supervisory and oversight responsibilities of the Budget and Operations Administration include planning, developing and implementing all personnel policies and programs, Budget and Fiscal Management, Legal Affairs, Training and Professional Development, Recruitment, Research and Planning, Procurement, Monitoring and Compliance Division, Michigan State Industries, Physical Plant Division, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer. Labor Relations including Alcohol and Drug Testing of employees and the Wellness Unit have a dotted line reporting structure with the Office of Personnel Services. The Office of Personnel Services is led by the Personnel Services Administrator who works directly for the Civil Service Commission.

Posted November 29, 2023

This position serves as the Deputy Warden for the Michigan Department of Corrections at Macomb Correctional Facility. This position is responsible for the administration of custodial, treatment, education, personnel, and business programs necessary for the operation of a correctional facility. The employee, under the direction of a senior executive warden, develops and implements new approaches to departmental administration. The employee is required to plan and direct specific departmental activities and, in conjunction with divisional management staff, reviews and evaluates the work of program personnel to ensure conformance with general guidelines, methods, techniques, policies, and laws. Supervisory functions include approving leaves, conducting service ratings, counseling employees, disciplining employees, participating in employee grievance procedures, and the hiring and training of personnel. Due to the critical or sensitive function of the operation of a correctional facility, the employee plays an active and ongoing role in the formulation and interpretation of department or agency policy. Positions in this classification typically direct professional and nonprofessional staff in the performance of work necessary to fulfill the mission of the Department of Corrections.

Posted November 29, 2023

On behalf of the Michigan Department of Corrections I am sharing a job opportunity within the MDOC to share with your organizations and memberships. This position serves as the administrator for the DH (Discriminatory Harassment) and PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) Investigations Division for the Department of Corrections, including management and oversight of all DH and PREA investigations. The incumbent must have extensive knowledge of litigation and oversight of investigation, including PREA and DH complaints. Additionally, this position provides legal guidance and leadership in the assessment of risk in these areas: state and federal civil rights laws; training, litigation, and policy concerns for the Department of Corrections; reasonable accommodations and other EEO matters. The employee’s assignments involve highly complex and sensitive cases in which the decisions rendered have substantial social, economic, financial, and public policy impact. This position performs at a high level of independent decision making on matters that have significant impact on the operations of the Department. This position reviews high profile investigations, recommends policy and training changes, advises on legal issues, etc. Decisions may include statutory and legal interpretation and analysis. This position advises Wardens and executive-level staff on a frequent and ongoing basis.

The selected candidate should have extensive knowledge of statutes, administrative rules, and policy related corrections. Extensive knowledge of issues related to prisoner litigation and the judicial review process in state circuit courts. Ability to formulate policies and procedures. Ability to establish and maintain relationships with high level staff, attorneys, and members of the public. Juris Doctorate from an accredited law school and law license preferred. Two years of experience in Corrections Administration, Administrative Law, or Corrections Law preferred.

Posted November 15, 2023