Does it seem like institution heads have little voice in the policies shaping their operations? Would you like to see Wardens accorded the respect and influence they once received?

NAAWS Membership

If you answer YES to any of the above, this is your opportunity to join the only warden's organization that has members from coast to coast and throughout Canada and the United States. Numbers DO talk, and we can help wardens, superintendents, and jail administrators to have their rightful voice in corrections, if our membership increase. Collectively, we can set goals and achieve results that make a difference when it comes to jail and prison operations and the status of wardens in our field.

We have a membership of more than 800 active and retired wardens, who work in the state, local and federal jurisdictions. Our membership is open to all CEOs of Adult and Youth facilities in both the public and private sector.

Supporters of Wardens may also join but can not hold office. Almost 100 of our members are in this category.

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Membership Dues
for new and renewing members

1 year – $25 //
2 years – $45 //
3 years – $65

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