2021 Warden of the Year

Daytona Beach, FL //
August 30, 2021


The awardee(s) of the Medal of Valor is recognized during the Summer Conference of the American Correctional Association (ACA). The awardee(s) and their Agency Head(s) are expected to attend the Warden of the Year Banquet held by NAAWS.


The NAAWS Medal of Valor is awarded to individuals who have distinguished themselves with a deed of personal bravery or self-sacrifice that involved the risk of life.

Please join us in recognizing Sgt. Phillip Weston as Medal of Valor recipient! The 2020 Warden of the Year and Medal of Valor presentations will be held during the 2021 Warden of the Year Banquet which will be held at our next annual conference at Daytona Beach April 26-29, 2021.

2020 Awardee

Sergeant Phillip Weston

Phillip Weston

“On May 8, 2019 am inmate requested to be seen by medical. As the inmate was being escorted from his cell to the horseshoe area, he pulled out a weapon. The inmate proceeded to stab the escorting Officer in the chest area. Sgt. Phillip Weston was in the vicinity and heard the Officer scream. Without hesitation Sgt. Weston immediately responded to the area and grabbed the inmate under his arms and placed him against an adjacent wall until responding help arrived. Sgt. Weston’s selfless act and quick reaction to the incident prevented the Officer from being harmed further. Sgt. Weston’s dedication to duty and bravery saved one of our Officers from further harm. The Officer is alive today due to Sgt. Weston’s actions.”